microEnable 5 marathon Product Series microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP

microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP focuses on high-speed image acquisition with up to 2*CoaXPress cameras and offers with DMA1800 technology an powerful access to advanced Machine Vision applications.

  • Support of fastest CoaXPress camera input
  • Easy-to-use configuration software
  • High performance image acquisition
  • Industrial multi-device, multi-camera support
  • DMA 1800 / up to 1800 MB/s PCIe Data bandwidth (PCIe x4 Gen2)
  • Supports opto-decoupled signals via front I/O
  • Broad support of Third-party software interfaces
  • Versatile application and industry usage
  • Flexible and extensible model series
  • Power over CoaXPress



microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP is a PCIe image acquisition device that allows the connection of up to two CoaXPress cameras with a bandwidth of 25 Gbit/s.


 Product Name  microEnable 5 marathon ACX-DP
 Category  A-Series (image acquisition board)
 On-Board Memory  1 GByte DDR3-RAM
 I/O Module Interfaces (Trigger and Sync)  Trigger/GPIO-IF (Opto Trigger, TTL Trigger)
 Standard  CoaXPress 1.0/1.1
 Configurations  CXP-1, CXP-2, CXP-3, CXP-5, CXP-6; up to 2 cameras
 Connectors  2* DIN 1.0/2.3
 Cable Length  standard conform
 Power output  Power over CXP 13W/24V per cable, SafePower
 Camera Support  Area scan camera, line scan camera
 Sensor Type  Grayscale sensor, CFA sensor (Bayer), RGB sensor
 Sensor Resolution  16k*64k (area scan sensor), 32k (line scan sensor)
 Bit Depth  8-16-bit (grayscale), 24-48-bit (color)
 Data Bandwidth (theo., max.)  2* 6,25 Gbit/s
 Test Environment  Camera Simulator
 PC Bus Interface  PCI Express x4 (Gen 2), DMA1800
 PC Bus Interface Performance  up to 1.800 MB/s (sustainable)