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E2V 線型掃描工業相機 ELiiXA+ 8k tri-linear


Teledyne e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. The ELiiXA+ 16k features Teledyne e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, providing an unmatched 200,000 lines/s and combining high response with extremely low noise levels. This delivers a high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5μm pixel size is arranged in four active lines in the monochrome model and two active lines in the colour model. The dual line filter configuration allows the camera to be operated in several modes.

產品型號 解析 No. of lines Pixel Size (µm) Max Line Rate Interface Mono/Colour
ELiiXA+ 8k tri-linear 8,192 3 7.5 33 CameraLink Colour
ELiiXA+ 8k tri-linear 8,192 3 7.5 58 CoaxPress Mono