HALCON Support license 試用版公告

公 告

MVTEC -從107年12月份起HALCON 18.11 evaluation licenses已包含所有的功能了. HALCON 18.11之前的HALCON Support license 將受到限制. 所謂support license, 是客戶機台的網路卡或是DONGLE受損時,緊急協助使其運作. 因為,這些情況只需要模組功能.


1.Evaluation Licenses

For evaluation purposes, please exclusively use the attached HALCON 18.11 Steady and Progress evaluation licenses. Please note that every potential customer may receive the evaluation license only once. This license enables potential customers to get an idea if HALCON fits their requirements. Please place the license file into the subdirectory "license" of the folder where you installed HALCON.

Evaluation License, 請注意, Evaluation License是作評估用,每位具有潛力的客戶只能收到這些Evaluation License 一次. 請將許可證文件放入安裝HALCON的文件夾的子目錄“license”中, 這些模組可以讓客戶了解是否適合他們的需求. 

2.Support Licenses

Please note, that the attached support licenses must not be used for any kind of evaluation purpose. They are exclusively for the support of existing HALCON customers, whenever an already purchased license does not work for whatever reason. Please place the appropriate license file into the subdirectory "license" of the folder where you installed the corresponding HALCON version. License files of HALCON 7.0 and older versions must be renamed to "license.dat". All other license files can be used without renaming.

Support License - 請注意, Support License決不可以用在任何評估案子上. 這些是協助現在已經購買HALCON的客戶, 其機台因任何原因而無法使用時,作為及時的協助用.

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