MERLIC 4 Preview

於 3月29日,MERLIC 4 Preview 將可提供下載。


This preview version gives an outlook on current improvements and novelties in MVTec MERLIC. Our aim in terms of an agile software development is to enable our joint customers to access specific upcoming features via a fully tested and stable version early in the development process.

One major feature of this release will be parallel processing, which enables the parallel execution of independent tools. This, in turn, improves the implementation of multi-camera setups and allows for a more efficient use of the system's computing power.
In addition, usability has been significantly improved in MERLIC 4 Preview. The tool flow window has been completely redesigned, providing a better overview of the used tools. It now also allows users to copy/paste and move tools within the window. Last but not least, the "Branch on Condition" tool has also been redesigned to make handling of links easier.