Product Information

IMPERX Aareascan Industrial Camera Cheetah CMOS Industrial Camera

Imperx CMOS Cameras Help Customers Capture Vital Production, Performance, Surveillance, And Scientific Information Worldwide.
The Imperx Cheetah CMOS camera series provides customers with the quality, versatility, and rugged durability needed to meet their most complex and demanding requirements. Featuring the finest CMOS sensor technology from On Semiconductor and Sony and advanced Imperx image processing, these cameras are ideal for industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace, transportation, and many other uses. An easy-to-use software configuration tool simplifies programming of camera settings and parameters.

Imperx CMOS cameras give you control over your imaging with a wide range of models, features, and programming options. Advanced CMOS technology and Imperx engineering expertise provision cameras with excellent uniformity for the highest levels of image quality, unique features like wide dynamic range, flexible trigger/strobe options, and a choice of Camera Link™, USB3 Vision™, GigE Vision™, and 3G-SDI interfaces.

The USB3 Vision (U3V) version provides a GeniCam™ compliant user interface for use with all software―without needing a frame grabber―while the Camera Link interface provides the highest frame rates supporting up to 6.8 Gbits per second in CL Deca mode. The 3G-SDI interface supports high definition video at rates up to 60 fps.


ITEM NO. Resolution Pixel Size(µm) FPS Interface Sensor Size Sensor Type
C2010M/C 1920x1080 3.45 24/60 HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), 3G-SDI (SMPTE-424-1) 1/2”(7.7mm) IMX-265
C2020M/C 2048x1536 3.45 105/151 CL Base, Medium, Full w/PoCL 1/1.8”(9mm) IMX-252
C2420M/C 2448x2048 3.45 68/98 CL Base, Medium, Full w/PoCL 2/3”(11mm) IMX-250
C2880M/C 2832x2128 4.7 55/129 CL, PoCL, USB3 (U3V) 1”(15.8mm) KAC-06040
C4080M/C 4000x3000 4.7 29/67 CL, PoCL, USB3 (U3V) 4/3”(23mm) KAC-12040
C4180M/C 4096x3072 4.5 29/67 CL, PoCL, USB3 (U3V) 4/3”(23mm) Python NOIP1XX012KA
C4181M/C 4096x4096 4.5 22/50 CL, PoCL, USB3 (U3V) 26mm Python NOIP1XX016KA
C5180M/C 5120x5120 4.5 15/22 CL, PoCL, USB3 (U3V), GigE 32.5mm Python NOIP1SXX25KA