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Company History


We will establish a R & D services company in Shu-Zou (near Shanghai area),China, and provide the close and immediate services as well.




Cooperation withthe world's top mechanical arm STAUBLI, jointly developed with MVTec 2D/3D space for high-precision positioning system, and the development of a variety of special precision, as a complete high-end detection technologies.




  • After two years of Bosch Rexroth's audit, Bosch Rexroth agreed to cooperate with high-precision, high speed motion core project.
  • Initiating local well-known equipment manufacturers in China into machine vision systems, applying with our core integration on the devices.




Move to the new plant at the end of the year, and run the business in this new building.




Photon-Tech was the only one company passing Germany TUV ISO 9001:2008 AOI and machine vision related component certificate.




For one-year evaluation, Photon-Tech wasregarded as an AOI powerful team and has been approved by National Science Council to move into Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP).

The required condition to enter CTSP would be: Companies with high-end technical capability. We are hornorable to be authorized being stationed in.




Photon-Tech was authorized to hold training courses for Halcon and ActivVision Tools end-users in Taiwan by MVTec Software GmbH– Germany. We hold the training courses once a month for 2~3 days.

  • Photon-Tech is authorized by MVTec to hold training courses for Halcon and ActivVision Tools end-users in Taiwan. 
  • When the users finish training in Photon-Tech, the headquarter in  Germany will award them certificate.
  • Which means our technical team is trustworthy to the original manufacturer.




Photon-Tech was commissioned to develop the first high-speed swirl on-line automatic measurement system in Taiwan for Canon, 50,000 swirls per minute, and the accuracy is up to 1um.
We earned Canon's satisfaction and trust because of high accuracy, high speed, and high stability.




Photon-Tech distributed related components for developing automatic vision system and helped customers develop machine vision technology.




With LEICA optical calibration system, Photon-Tech provided rectification report of precision instruments traced from National Measurement Laboratory for customers.

We also repaired precision products of Leica and Nikon, such as optical lenses, laser, infra red, optical encoder adjustment system, etc.




Photon-Tech was commissioned to develop Camera Type Automatic Vision Inspection on-line successfully for CANON.




Photon-Tech was established in 1995 and focused on precision optical instruments as well as vision inspected related components, nuclear instruments, atomic microscope systems, laser systems, X-ray products and motion table.