About Us

About Company

Photon-Tech was established in 1995 and has multiple experiences of visioninspection and automatic control.  

We have a technical team help clients with project development and professional program languages. 
PHOTON-TECH emphasizes credit and professional image as well as team with experienced optical technique over 10 year.



Algorithm core 

Image developing – more than a decade, PHOTON-TECH cooperates with the global top image automatic-identification

company “MVTec” which was founded in Munich, Germany,  and collaborates  with more than forties of doctors  for

assisting clients developing AOI inspection equipments as well. We acknowledge  it is not only vision concerned but

much more important as  precession sport-control needed. That way, with the top and must-have technology completes

a equipment.



Technology core

Lens - We conscientiously select national brands of lens according to  the analysis and optical theory of the lens.

Arrangingthe exceptional application for each project and achieving the special requirements;moreover, we also

customize the lens toaccomplish the clients' expectation.

Camera - we are the distributor of ImperX which is the trustworthy brand for Aeronautic field application. 


The extraordinarylinear and extreme-low dark current and hot noise are the features  and they make the popularity 

and are certificated among AUO、LG、SAMSUNG and so on  worldly renowned corporations.

Lightness - We have a wealth of experiences and combine a variety of industry customized development and

invention to insist on the quality, stability, security and longevity of products and own the favorable heat-dissipation  

processing technology, inspection and certification.



Equipment core

Robot arm - The rise of robot arm stemmed from March 2014 and  officially cooperated with world-renowned

Swiss mechanical armcompany "STAUBLI" ."STAUBLI"  dedicated 2D/3D motion-control technology application

for all sorts of robot arms for building the more intelligent robot arm motion-control to meet clients requirements.


Motion-control - Over the past decade, our team has been studying a variety of motion control technology, as well as

help clients solve the technical needs. Considering  Taiwan’s equipment manufacturers  fall behind South Korea and

Japan in the high-end precision development field,Photon-Tech formally proposed to cooperate with the world's leading

precision motion-control compnay "Bosch Rexroth" in 2011.After more than two years of assessment review, Photon-Tech

are affirmed as qualified for precision-control combing with machine vision conception and technololy. Later on ,the officially

cooperation takes place between "Bosch Rexroth" and Photon-Tech ---  implementing the high-end products for local

equipment manufacturers and enhancing the technology in order to integrated with the global semi-conductor field.



Service Purpose - clients equal partners

Photon-Tech possesses the professional competency. We have integrated technological development team.

Technology-integration is our top target and insistence.


We are the unique vision distributor who are certified by Ministry of Science and Technology and enter and station in the

Central Taiwan Science Park. We not only devote ourselves as the distributor but also perform as a top technological

image-development provider who assists Taiwan’s manufacturers develop the leading-edge products.


For decades, we have chosen the different strategy from our competitors. We establish numerous partnerships with clients

and holding the concept of mutual research and global equipment inspection in various fields to accomplish the top-class

accuracy and speed and win the better stability of detection-quality competition.


Therefore, we provide the core concept of added-value for equipments and conscientiously select high-quality products for

distribution. The essence and key point of our service is : how are we capable to assist clients create and invent the values.